Wednesday, August 13

A little MIA again

Yo dolls! (And dad!) I have decided NOT to share my newbie item unless you request to see it by email or leaving a comment here. (I will zap ya a JPEG, Kathleen and Tiffany, since you commented!) I don't want to ruin the surprise for my mom's birthday, but at least she knows she is getting something! HEE HEE!

I have been under the weather today, a bit of a flu bug or just plain old nerves turning into an ulcer because of stress related to getting things done and wrapped up for school beginning on Friday; AND trying to not disappoint my peeps (customers) by pushing off their much appreciated orders. { The bracelets are coming, Miss L in IL and the dangles are being wrapped up, Miss A in E'ville, and the Keybling is coming Miss K in FL... thanks again for the orders! }

Ok, so I need to get motivated and moving, DH will be home later tonight, so it is up to me to do THE DO, if you know what I mean! OH, and if anyone wants to come over and get some zucchinis, please do! I get 2-4 EACH DAY! UGH! I need to find some new recipes!

Have a nice night!


Mary said...

I would love to see this new item too... With new babies on the way in our family, this may be something I'm interested in! :)


Mary Ashby

Terri Jackson said...

I'd love to see your new creation from August 12. My mother has been struggling with breast cancer for the past 8 months and I would love to give her something nice that represents me and my two sisters.


Terri in Missouri