Monday, August 25


I admit it, I have been slacking on the blog-posting. I can't help it! You would think that having all of the kids in school at the same time (four afternoons a week), leaving me over 12 hours of ALONEEEEEE TIME, would make me blog more! BUT, NO! I am BUSIER than EVAH!

I have some goodies to show you coming up later this week, but I still have a couple of customers waiting on me... So, they come first of course! I do have to admit that I wrapped over 4 dozen EarringBlings (dangle sets) yesterday! I have a wonderful returning-customer that ordered a batch of dangles in a wonderful variety of colors, so she gets to pick first... {After that the rest will go in inventory for the online store}. I can't believe I made so many sets! I guess I got a little out of control when picking out the remaining sets yesterday! Before I knew it I had sterling silver and Swarovski crystals flung all over the place! HA HA! So, I watched a couple of movies (Monster-In-Law and Mr&Mrs Smith) and wrapped away!

I am glad I got a lot of practice in on the wire-wrapping and looping, since that is one of the first techniques I will be teaching this fall in my jewelry classes. If you are local and are interested in taking one of my classes, call Jasper Community Arts Center for time and fee info.

Well, I better get out of here and go back to the bead board! I hope everyone got through their Monday okay and are well on their way to yet another work week! I know I am! Working at home ROCKS! I have to say that I have never been happier!

See you SOON!

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Kathleen said...

Wow, you are super busy Nicole. Congrats on all the orders. You do really nice work and it's the best of all worlds working at home, isn't it?