Thursday, August 28

Triple Swirl!

Hello KIDDOS! I have been away from the computer attempting to finish up all of the outstanding orders from a month ago! When I returned from my mini-vaca in Chicago at the end of July, I was faced with a huge batch of orders from newbie and returning customers! WOW, that was so great! But, at the same time, wrapping up the end of summer and getting the kids ready for school and still attempting to do the cooking, cleaning and shopping (as usual), I didn't get everything done as quickly as I wish I could have.

Thank goodness I have wonderful, understanding peeps who understand what it is like to be busy this time of year, so I finally got it all done with happy customers in tow! YEA! Here, below, is the first of three keyblings that one of my favorite customers asked for me to make up for her review. Well, she actually wanted a keybing with pink lampwork.... SO, I dug up three sets of pink lampwork out of my stash and got them strung up for her!

This triple swirled set of lampwork is in eye-catching raspberry red, a mauvey-purple pink and a beautiful pale pink. I used Fuschia, Ruby and Rose Satin Swarovski crystals and sterling silver beads to make this keybling easy to find in anyone's purse! If this one isn't chosen by Ms. K, it will be available to the public. I am waffling on offering it NOW or waiting until the store officially opens. (THAT is a whole other story, see next post for the update on that scenario!)

I will post another in a bit!

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