Saturday, August 2

AUGUST FREEBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here it is! The AUGUST FREEBIE! I have had this idea on the list of things to try since last fall, but never got around to it! Now, don't worry... the battery isn't old, it hasn't been running at all. The little clear-plastic-thingy is still intact, you can almost see it in the picture if you click on the picture to get the details!

The watch is intentionally UPSIDE DOWN! WHY? Well think about it. If you wear it on your belt loop or purse, all you need to do is glance down and see it right-side up! HOW ingenious! Gotta love that! I added a beautiful swirling variety of rainbow-colored Swarovski crystals, with extra wound silver wires on each; gives it that extra sparkle-factor, you know... BLING! The mother-of-pearl face and bold numbers make this watch easy to read, too.

This WatchBling measures 1" wide and 2" long from lobster-clasp to watch face end at twelve o'clock. Sizeable to read, but not too big to get in the way. Since no one wants to wear a watch when they workout, you could even put this on your gym bag so you don't lose track of time.

You, of course, can increase your chances of winning by voting for me everyday (see instructions for entries at top of blog) and also by blogging about this on your blog (please link this post up to your blog entry). You can also earn more entries by emailing your friends and CC:ME. When you vote, be sure to email me with my ranking (#1, #2, etc) in the subject line and I will give you an entry for the watch!

OH, and RATING ME (9 out of 10, 10 out of 10, etc) is not necessary to make your vote count. Just seeing me on page means you gave me a vote!

If you are new to my blog and wonder what the big deal is about voting.... Well, staying on the first page of the JEWELRY & BEAD MAKERS WEBSITE, helps me gain some visibility to future customers and/or businesses that may want to use me in the future for custom creations. AND, to say 'THANK YOU!' for keeping me on the first page (usually at #2), I always offer a monthly FREEBIE! The more you vote (up to one time every 24 hours) the more entries, thus 'chances', you will earn to win! You can view past monthly freebies at the end of my blog. Just scroll down to the end, after the posts.)

Voting started August 1st and will conclude on August 31st. The drawing is at noon and pictures of the drawing will be posted soon thereafter. If you ever have something you would like to see offered as a monthly freebie, just comment anytime on any post!

So... Let the VOTING BEGIN!
Ha Ha!

Seriously, I do SO appreciate everyone's support when you vote. I have found a lot of customers and made a lot of great friends because of being on the first page! THANKS AGAIN!


JenMarie said...

OMGosh... L O V E it!!

KJ said...

Jenmarie said it all!!!!!! I want that!!!!!

Susan Timmerman said...

Wow Nicole! That is beautiful! You are one talented lady!