Sunday, August 31

See here for PROOF that I didn't RIG the drawing!

I am so embarassed of video-taping myself! Holy Crap, I don't know if I will EVER do that again! I am such a goof-ball! OH WELL, I wanted to be sure that noone thought I rigged the drawing! So, for those distant friends and customers out there that have never seen me LIVE IN PERSON, here's your video! Please don't look at my haircut. That is being taken care of on Thursday! Ha Ha!

I appreciate all of you and the fact that you take time to vote each day!
I forgot to say THANK YOU at the end of that awful video! Sorry about that!


KJ said...

I love the video!! I think it's a great idea!!

Robb_eeie said...

You are an entire 'bag of chips & dip' Miss Nicole in your video! :) I wish I were so cute and perky while organizing and cleaning my house! Ha!