Wednesday, August 6

Where or Where did my creativity go? Where or where can it be?

Hi PEEPS! I apologize for the severe LACK of personal posts of cards, jewelry or anything of the like. I have been so busy trying to play catch-up, not just on orders, but with personal-things as well.

The kids have just 8 days left of summer before school is back in session, so you know what that means. SHOPPING. Shopping for shoes, shopping for clothes, shopping for supplies, shopping for bookbags, shopping for lunchboxes, etc, etc, etc..............

Shopping usually excites me, but with four kids in tow, UGH, it is murder! From the excited 5 year old girl who loves EVERYTHING, to the whining 3 year old who would just rather be home playing outside to the 18 year old who wants things that are "fashion-fab" not "pocketbook-friendly", I seriously don't know who is worse. Eli could care less. He is 6 and just wants new shoes. So, at least one of the three is workable. That still leaves me with 75% frustration...

Bare with me for a couple more days. I am committed to some all-day events on Saturday AND Sunday, but after this weekend, things should lighten up! I will so miss seeing my kiddos during the day once they start school next Friday! I have to admit, last year I was kinda squiggly with them around, and couldn't wait to lighten the load with Eli getting in school full-time, but I guess it has gotten some-what easier since they have gotten older, so I will miss them more than last year. Plus, knowing that the sweet baby Isaac of the fam is away for half-day preschool (four days a week) makes me realize that pretty soon they will go off to college like my Josh will next year. So Sad.

They do grow up so fast. Cherish what you got, because in as much as they can annoy you, get on your nerves, disappoint, and even sometimes anger you, they DO grow up and leave you eventually. Faster than you think they will!

Ok, nuff of my personal opinion about child-rearing!

I will start posting regularly, and with CARDS and PAPERCRAFTS, SOON! I can't stand not playing with paper any longer! I seriously think I am in withdrawal and that is what is wrong with me! HA! ( note: you can always refresh your memory of my card-creations by clicking on my LABEL: PAPER in the left-hand column ) Check back for exciting new creations or simply Subscribe to my blog at the end of my left hand column!


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Alberto said...

Beautiful, I also have such colorful jewelry set.