Friday, August 15

School update!

The first day of 08-09 school year is finished! My pumpkins were so great this morning hamming it up for the camera!

Isaac sat next to Eli at school for a few minutes while I took pictures of KayLee....
I introduced KayLee to Maggie (I didn't know her either); well, KayLee came home and said she really likes her new best friend, Maggie, so I guess the introduction worked!

Isaac had to come home with me after dropping off the kids at school. He asked about Eli and KayLee all day! He begins preschool on Monday at noon!

And, here finally, is my SENIOR, Josh. He hates having his picture taken, but I snuck this one on him by commenting that he will be able to check out the girls at school again!

All was not uneventful, though, today. The bus driver didn't let KayLee and Eli off the bus, so after he drove them around the neighborhood for an additional 15 minutes dropping off the rest of the kids, I guess he woke up and realized they were still there on the bus and backtracked to drop them off. UGH!

KayLee said today 'took forever' and that it was a llllllllllooooooooong day, ha ha! Eli loves his teacher and said she is silly and teases. Josh had a great day, too, but has a lot of work involved in his Economics class coming up. Not good since he hates writing reports and that is all he apparently will be doing in class on a daily to weekly basis to build up 'so many' points to get an A or 'so many' points to get a B... f u n . Other than that all is well in the Anderson household! I hope everyone's first day of school goes as smooth as mine (minus the bus screw-up, of course! Ha Ha!).

Have a supah night!

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Sharon in NE said...

Adorable kids and Josh is so handsome.