Sunday, August 3

In Honor of Kristina Logan

Do you remember this lampwork necklace that I posted a few weeks back?? I honestly don't even know where I found this picture. Probably on a beading magazine website. Do you know how much this sucker is?

Yes, this is the highlight of my lampwork experience. The most awesome crazy lampwork I have ever seen. I know why NOW that I liked it so much. Because I have style. I have taste. I have, apparently, very EXPENSIVE taste.

How much do you think? $150? $300? $3,000? TRY $5,200! Yep, that's right. You could buy my son a good used car for this necklace. Not that I am saying that I wouldn't buy it myself if I had a spare $5K dripping out of my pocketbook, cuz I would. I know how lampwork is made and believe me, I bet this took HOURS upon HOURS to create! So, you go girl, get what you ARE WORTH!

I guess that's what comes with experience, ingenuity and artistic, creative talent. A lotta MONEY! HA HA! Oh, and there is a 16" necklace that you can buy for a mere $2,600, if you are interested. I will post that one too. Heck, let's just post her artwork everyday this week! I seriously think she has an exemplary creative side that should be shown-off! So, let's do it!

See ya in the A.M.!

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Sherry Wright said...

Wow, these are are amazing creations!