Thursday, August 14

Wrapping up summer!

From the last day of school on the 23rd of May to the last day of summer tomorrow, time sure has flown by! Josh begins his Senior year at the High School and Eli is entering first grade tomorrow, while my sweet KayLee has her first official day of kindergarten! Isaac goes to preschool on Monday since the preschoolers go Monday through Thursday... So, I will have a picture of Isaac for you Monday at noontime or so!

I just thought I would share a few pics from the summer....

Below, you see Eli sooooooooooooo happy to go to school for the last time as a kindergartner!

June 15th, Fathers Day, they really enjoyed the pool! OH MY, look at the garden in the background, there is NOTHING there! CLICK HERE to see it now!!

KayLee got her teeth cleaned for the first time this summer! She had been waiting all year for this since Eli had his done before kindergarten last year!

Here's Eli and DH Scott after winning a TeeBall game in July!

And, here's my littlest, Isaac, who really loved the water that day! I think he's kinda sick of it now though.

I had to go shopping tonight for KayLee. She needed a new pair of shoes. She left her tennis shoes at a pool party on Tuesday and I wasn't able to get a hold of the couple until late tonight, of course AFTER I had returned from shopping already! HA HA! Oh, well, she could use a new pair of sneakers anyways!

I am really sad to see all of my babies growing up so fast. Especially Josh. One year from now he could be POOF gone to a college far far away. That's hard to swallow. And knowing my 'baby' is in SCHOOL as of Monday, is just plain crazy! But, I am sure I will have enough to keep me busy with all of you wonderful folks out there! I look forward to having MORE stuff, MORE often, so be sure to get me in your favorites to see some paper-crafts and artisan jewelry EVERYDAY!

Check in on SheetLoad of Cards in the A.M.! My mini-issue will be posted bright and early Friday Morning! If you make a batch of cards, or just one card, using my sketch, link it up on my blog so I can see it!

Have a WONDERFUL evening!

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