Friday, August 1

Doctor's Results

I nearly forgot! I was right, at least half right. Not only do I have carpal tunnel in my right wrist, but I have it in my left. Just not as severe in the left, so I hadn't realized it! The one right-hand brace I bought last week has helped somewhat, just by wearing at bedtime; but my doctor wanted me to get one for my left wrist, too. So I did that after the doctor appointment. And I also have to take a break during mid-day, put them on and give them a chance to chill. Bummer, a doctor-enforced daily break, I don't know if I can handle that, ha ha!

Do you think I should bead-bling up my hand-braces so I don't look like I am heading out to lift weights or box? HA HA!

OH, and Eli went, too. He had a check up because he has issues with headaches and coughing, sneezing profusely at night and in the morning. Turns out, no athsma, just allergies... We are going to try a daily medication for a month and see what happens. SO, there's the medical update for the fam.

I should be shipping out orders for Ms. F, Ms. K and Ms. A tomorrow, as long as all goes well today! IF not, Monday latest! Email me if you need something specific, otherwise I will check back on ya'll soon!

Have a great night!

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AnnLeek said...

Nicole~ I've had both wrists done within the past 2 years, and it is no big deal at all. You will feel sooooo much better afterwards. I had the most awesome doc in the world for it, too. Which I'm sure helped alot.