Wednesday, August 6

Another one of my faves has a BLOG!

After yesterday's post, noting that Sherry Wright has a blog (and mentioning another personal favorite, Kathleen Paneitz), I decided to google again. Kathleen Paneitz has a phenomenal blog featuring her many talents from paper to gardening to photography with a touch of a recipe and family-bit here and there!

I have admired her for YEARS! I always look for her and Sherry Wright in my magazines whenever I get one in the mail or when I buy one at the store. Their talent is awe-inspiring, really!

Anyhoo, so I found Kathleen's blog and just fell in love with her photography as much as I already loved her paper-creations! Check her out for some wonderful artwork and severe creativity!!!!

Toodles, off to work on the orders!

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Kathleen said...

oh my goodness Nicole. I just popped over here from your link on my blog and am totally stunned that you wrote a post about me!! Like I said on my blog, I never really knew people paid attention. You are quite possibly the nicest person in the world and quite an artist yourself so that means even more. Thanks so much for swelling my head today!