Monday, August 11

Lemme explain!

So, I said yesterday I was exhausted, right? OH MY GOSH! WHAT a weekend! My one and only Stampin' UP! down-line, Tiffany, had a customer-appreciation party for all of her hostesses since January. She achieved #1 Rising Star with Stampin' UP! this year and wanted to say THANK YOU to those who helped her achieved it by having a catalog or home-party.

After the hostesses left, a few of us stayed and worked on some orders or some projects we had going on. I am in a card swap on Wednesday, so I made my 14 cards (and a few extra to keep) and didn't come home until 1AM!! OH GEEZ! WHAT was I thinking???? I am definitely not 19 anymore! HA HA! We did have fun jammin' to some funky 90's music and laughing at each other's stories of past boyfriends and school-times.

I hardly slept in, so I was exhausted pretty much most of the day. I just couldn't get any mojo moving. I did manage to do a little in the craft room, but not much. JUST too darned tired! I did come home Saturday night to find my hubby added some much needed shelving to my craft room while I was away, so that was very cool!! I only asked for one, but he added another one on top of the first, so I got DOUBLE what I needed. Of course, I figured out what to do with it... GET MORE STUFF TO FILL THE SHELF! HA HA! NAH, I have enough, actually. I moved some things around today and the extra shelf made it really roomy and not so crammed, so hubby DID GOOD!

OK, so that is it for now, I better go get moving. I need to check in on some peeps and get things done. I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful weather, if you are in Dubois County, Indiana. I had my house open until 2pm today! SWEET!

Another post in a flash, See ya later!!

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Tiffany Bauer said...

I was useless too on Sunday!!! If I didn't know any better I would have thought I got drunk Saturday night!!!LOL!!!!! I was sooooo tired and couldn't get anything done at all!!! But hey we had a great time Saturday!!!