Friday, August 15

Manga ME!

In honor of my love for COPIC markers, which are infamous for their use in Manga Comic Illustration (you know, those big eyed, no-nosed people with spikey hair?), I created my own avatar! Ok, I DO LOVE how they think all people are skinnier than bamboo, but the head being wider than shoulder-width does look a bit hilarious, am I right?

Click on my avatar and Create Your Own! I only wish I could have put on BOTH of my facial beauty marks that I have, not just the one. But, heck that is better than nothing! I think this chick is better looking than me! Oh, well, maybe this is how I see myself... still young and with no bags under my eyes! LOL!

Enjoy your FRIDAY NIGHT!


KJ said...

Well, aren't you just the cutest!? ;)

Bunny B said...

Oh wow! That's so cute :)
What fun!