Sunday, November 9

Ribbon Storage!!

I have a new RIBBON STORAGE SYSTEM!!! I came up with this idea on Wednesday and worked on it a bit each day {between filling orders, volunteering my time at our church's fundraiser/turkey dinner and being the Special Person for Eli and KayLee at school on Grandparents/Special Persons Day}. I just finished hanging it (with honey's help) and just had to show you all right away!

And guess how much this cost me?? UNDER $13.00!!!!!! Can you believe it? A few weeks ago I had asked my hubby to build a cabinet of sorts (using this basic idea of spools on dowel rods, but in a 2x4 framing), but who needs the wood??? It would have cost me WAY more than $13.00!

I used my trusty sewing machine, some ribbon and dowels to make the perfect hanging ribbon corner ever! All of this is behind the door to my craft room! It is hanging just over 7 feet in the air, so if I need pink, I will need to whip out the chair to stand on! BUT let me tell ya, I GAINED SIX drawers of storage and got three bags of ribbon off the floor! AND if you notice, there is still room for NEW ribbon on either end of the dowels! WOOHOO FOR THAT!!!!!! Especially since I just got about 92 Yards of ribbon (for just $43.00!) from Jody Morrow's blog share, that I need to add to that additional room! ;o)

Gotta love ribbon! I haven't counted the spools (I am too afraid!), but according to my hubby, I probably have enough to last me for a while! HA HA!

Have a SUPAH Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Got Ribbon?:)

Alicia a.k.a. Crafty Al said...

LOVE your storage system and am totally jealous of all of your ribbon!! ;)


Robb_eeie said...

How clever are you Nicole?!!? Your new ribbon holder is wonderful, especially viewing how much ribbon it holds. Yikes!

Maybe you should consider marketing this product, as it wouldn't cost much to Post, and is a fantastic way to systematize all our stashes of ribbon. :) Just keep your door open ~ no one (male gender especially!) will have any clue as to how much *scrap-crap* we Really do have. [wink]

Geeesh, between being my famous ~Copic Queen~, by the looks of it I might have to create a new Title for you, as you're not far behind Miss Jody and her ~~Ribbon Addiction~~ =) Heehehehehe

Allison said...

Whoa Nicole...this is fab. I need one of these!

KJ said...

OMG!!! I LOVE THAT!!! That freaking rocks.

StamperSharon said...

Absolute genius . . . what an easy, inexpensive ribbon storage solution! You rock, girl!

Etha said...

this is genius!! I have a few questions :)
How do you keep your ribbon so "tame"? I mean I don't see the ends flopping around everywhere...
What do you have vertically in the center? Is that another string with loops for the dowels? would it sag otherwise?

Etha said...

oh, and how is it hanging on top of the door? I mean, this has got to WEIGH something ;)

MarikaGabez said...

Now I was ill. Glancing at the number of flowers I was quite over, but that is all the tapes and so beautiful complex.

Nancy said...

WOW Nicole,
Now that is some ribbon stash.
What a great idea.

Katja said...

O myyyyy, so much ribbon... If i had 1 meter of each i was happy..;)Very pretty ribbon storage.