Monday, November 24

Thankful Thought for today 2

OHMYGOSH! Is this not the most hilarious thing EVAH? HA HAHAHAAWWWWW!!

Funny what you can find when you google "thankful thoughts" and then click on IMAGES!

As for today and my thoughts coming to mind today......

I am so thankful for wonderful friends. Friends that I can call to pick up my kid at school when I have dye in my hair at the hair salon and Josh's car dies at the highschool keeping him from picking up his brother (THANKS AMY!).

Friends that I can call with medical questions, like "what do you do when your kid's forehead has a gooseegg bump from running and falling INTO the corner edge of a doorframe?" because they work in radiology at the hospital (THANKS KELLY!).

AND especially cyber-friends that I can share "ALL" with! They haven't really known me all that long and STILL like to get my emails and reply EVERY SINGLE TIME! (THANKS ROBBI, FERAH, ALICIA, KRISTEN, JENMARIE, DENISE, CAMMIE, KATHLEEN, SHERRY, SHARON, CINDY, JODY!)

Of course there are a lot of gals that I haven't mentioned above that are SUPAH FRIENDS to me and that I would give my right arm for! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Besides my friends, I have to say that my customers over the past year have really been so crucial these past 12 months. They have given me more than financial support. They have provided me with encouragement, pats on the back and more belief in myself than I have ever had in my life. Knowing that in just one year I have achieved great business success with regular orders and income, and that I have a great customer base reaching from Florida's Atlantic coast to California's Pacific and numerous states in between, makes me feel like I am making a difference somehow. And that is a good thing I think!

So, with all that being said...

THANK YOU, FRIENDS! THANK YOU, CUSTOMERS (who are really friends, too!) I appreciate you all so much!

See ya'll tomorrow!


Amy S said...

Nicole: I think you are VERY VERY talented!! I am "happy" that you have done sooooo well!!!It does not surprise me! GreAt jOb..... Amy

ps like the post- you would do anything for me too--- you have before !!

KJ said...

OMGosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That photo is the funniest thing I've ever seen!

You are so sweet, girlie!! {{{HUGS}}}

Tiffany Bauer said...

That pic is so funny!!!! And cute at the sametime!!!!

I am so grateful we have become such great friends and know I would do ANYTHING for you too!!!! Luv ya!!!!