Tuesday, November 18

Prima 3

AH!!!!!!! PRIMA!!!!!! I am in heaven! SETS of Primas make me even more happy! I love knowing I have "IT ALL" when it comes to things, I am a hoarder, I guess! Click on the pictures to see better detail!

This is Essential ONE: $48.00 for all 6! And these are 8" tall honkin boxes!
Essentials TWO: $32.00 for four boxes! - I have these Essential sets below, but not the one above, so I am going to get that next time! I have seriously used the crap out of these boxes and yet still have TONSSSSSSSSSSSS left!

Essentials THREE: $32.00 for four honkin tall boxes!
HEAVENLY TINS of lacey and snowflake-flowers! $42.00 for all six tins!

OH, and another RACK!!!! HAWAIIAN ICE RACK: $19.00 - this is another one of those airbrushed looking sets! ANOTHER MUST HAVE on my list when I get some next time!

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