Friday, November 21

Gift in a Bucket

I just found this on Debbie Olson's blog and remembered that I posted this type of bucket earlier this week, that Prima sells. Isn't this a SUPAH gift idea? Debbie Olson is sooooo crafty, you should check out her blog when you have some time to sit down and browse! She has some great gift ideas and card techniques!

KayLee is still home sick, so my postings will be limited today. She just loves to snuggle when she doesn't feel well. Who doesn't?



Gina K. said...

Your blog rocks! WOW! I've been here for quite a while and your projects are amazing!

Robb_eeie said...

Hey Nicole ~ I adore these cute clear mini paint cans:) The contents of your creation looks YUMMMY!
LOVE your snowflake on top [smile] .... why is it, every now and then, a "Trend" seems to buzz thru the crazy stamp world? First it was Cupcake images, then Penguins, and now surely it is Snowflakes. How does that happen? Better yet, how do we predict it?

Sherry Wright said...

Love the little gift pail, all your new braclets are amazing, and the new highlights are great. Love the touch of blonde. ;)