Tuesday, November 18

Prima 5

MORE SETS! I love sets! HA HA! Those of you who work with more primary colors (if you have boys!) this first set is wonderful! I love the bold colors of this set!

SPRITES SET: $60.00 for all 12 boxes! That's just $5.00 a box!
If you love FELT, then this set is a "Must Have" for you! MOON BEAMS are felt flowers in all shapes and sizes! $36.00 for all 12 you see here! They are smaller tins, of course, I mean, they would have to be at $3.00 a tin! But what a bargain! For felt especially!

CROWN JEWELS SETS!!!!! These sets have more than just flowers, they have rhinestones and ribbon, all coordinating! ALL of five of these are $70.00 total. I know that sounds like a lot, but $14.00 for one set? That is a great stocking stuffer for sister or mom who scraps or a great gift for your scrappin' pals!

AMBROSIA SETS: I am not sure if I love 'em or not! What do you think? I am all about the bling, but hmmmmmmmm.... is it too much? NAH! HA HA! I don't know how many flowers are in each tin of these, but it would have to be more than just the six flowers you see at through the plastic. The price of $56.00 for all four sets, includes the tins, too!!! Ain't dey purty, Ma?

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