Thursday, August 28

Pale Pink Sparkle KeyBling - SOLD!

Not knowing which color of pink, Ms. K liked best (see previous post below)... I pulled out this set of pale pink lampwork to string into a bright romantic-looking keybling. I incorporated a couple of cat's eyes beads and some small Bali beads into this one to really make the keybling have a lot of presence since the pink is such a rich, but light color. I used clear, light rose and opaque pink colored Swarovski crystals in this keybling that is sure to please anyone's eye when digging in the purse for those dreaded keys.

I love putting my keybling into my jeans' pocket and letting the dangles of lampwork and crystals drip out of the pocket and down my leg. If I don't have any pockets (when wearing a dress...) I just let the strands of sparkle peak out of my purse's pocket or zippered section. That way I will have a less-likely chance of losing them at the bottom of my bag. I HATE THAT! Ha Ha! Plus it saves time and keeps you from getting caught in the rain to have to dig deep for the escapee-keys!

OH, and I mentioned I would give you an update on the online store. WELL, I have found a site where I can offer my items for FREE! NO monthly charges, NO maintenance fees, NO 3% FEE when I sell an item, etc... SO, I mention this, because this is different from my original plan! This will keep my costs down, thus keeping your purchase price even LOWER! AND I know we all want that! Since it is a brand new website and I have been grandfathered in as one of the first people signed up to sell, I get certain benefits (which will in turn benefit you, my customers!), so once I figure out ALL of the details I am going to try it! They keep tweeking the site to keep bettering it; which is understandable. HOWEVER, I think I will begin when they have pretty much finished making their major changes. So, I guess until that happens, I should offer my goodies here! So, the remaining keyblings will be announced ASAP after Ms. K makes her final decision!

I know you all have been waiting since the beginning of summer, and for that I sincerely apologize! But that surgery really did set me back a whole month and this summer was just too crazy-busy with FOUR kids at home! OH, and believe me, the teen can be just as much trouble as the other three combined sometimes! HA HA HAAAAW! So, there's the update on the store!

Again, Ms. K has first dibs, but if she doesn't choose this one, you can have it! I will post prices of the remaining two after she chooses hers.


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