Saturday, August 30


ANYONE just itchin' to win that FREEBIE?!?!?! Last day for votes is tomorrow! I am extending the deadline to 4pm, so that gives me more time to get it done since I plan on sleeping in tomorrow morning.

I am going to pull an all-nighter on the art studio, otherwise known as the front parlor off the living room. I am needing to move things around to get it more easily workable since I know how I use the room and my supplies and materials better now. I moved up here on New Year's Eve and have only added more stamp sets and more lampwork and Swarovski, so nothing BIG really. {Oh, but I did just add 37 more rolls of ribbon last weekend when HL had it 1/2 off... OOPS, forgot about that!}

SO, since I can't convince my hubby that we need to move (to give me more room) or build me one of those buildings in the back of our double-lot property so I can add the lampwork studio to that, I am just going to have to re-vamp what I got. Don't get me wrong, I know I have a LOT of room, here, I just don't think it is very efficient. And when the clutter is viewable, it clutters my creativity. I have 32 drawers to possibly move things around in, so I am sure it is doable.

I have to admit. I didn't get as much done as I wanted to today. I have either head-allergies, a head-cold or a slight migraine still from last Thursday, so I decided to lay down for an hour. Well, I guess my body needed it, because I woke up THREE hours later! UGH! I got nothing done! BUT, at least I am energized for tonight! If I get a bunch done tomorrow I am planning on painting and glazing some furniture pieces on Monday. I love re-furbishing dressers and desks, that is so relaxing to me. Plus it adds life to a piece of furniture when you update it like that. I will take before's and after's when I get to that task. I already bought the new hardware pulls, so it is a task that will eventually happen!

Enjoy your evening and SUNDAY and I will post the winner tomorrow!


Kathleen said...

Good luck with all the moving Nicole ~ it sounds pretty industrious to me ~ especially the all nighter part. Your keyblings are just beautiful. I'm seeing you have a raspberry fetish (after reading your post) so you really would snitch mine, wouldn't you?!! ;-)
Happy Labor Day weekend!

Robb_eeie said...

Nicole .... you are are like the *Energizer Bunny* that just keeps going ... AND going ... AND going! ha! Wherever do you get this forever-lastiing-energy? Will you share your secret with the rest of us couch potatoes? :)