Monday, August 11


Eating apples off our tree again! Here's the 'Deer' family, enjoying a morning brunch from the other day!

I don't have much to post for ya; I have been getting the kids ready for school, attempting to tackle the much-needed cleaning and working on a few special items for you to see when the online store opens! SO, bear with me! I miss my blogging and sharing special updates on my jewelry and crafts. I just really need to focus on wrapping up the much needed TO-DO list so I can kick back and create some newbie items for ya!

Check back in a bit, I have a picture of Eli that will make you laugh!

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Suzanne said...

I've heard that if you hang metal pans from the branches, it will deter the deer. Also strong smelling soap. I'd hate for you to lose ALL your apples!