Friday, August 8

Kristina 6

I need to branch out more.

Do you know that humans only use 10% of their brains. I think Kristina Logan uses the other 90%!

We could all probably take something from these posts of her artwork. Learn to think "out of the box" more, like she does. Not let pre-conceived limitations and boundaries get in the way of our creative thinking. Don't you agree? She is seriously one talented lady. She exhibits everywhere across the world, but still manages to open her studio to the public at least one time a year to talk about her artwork and techniques.

I hope you enjoyed my sharing her work with you all. Sometimes it is just interesting to see what someone else can come up with creatively. Whether you are a papercrafter, painter or quilter, we can all find inspiration in each others skills and talent by taking a moment to look. ~ R E A L L Y ~ LOOK.

KUDOS to Kristina!


JenMarie said...

WOWZERS! Beautiful!

Kathleen said...

I have to agree ~ the projects you have on your blog of hers are absolutely gorgeous. Congrats to you too on the teaching gig!!