Friday, August 29

ANDDDDDD, then there were two.

TGIF!!!!! RIGHT? Here are the two remaining KeyBlings! Ms. K loved the Pale Pink Sparkle one best, so she snatched it up! These two are up for grabs now, just email me to make it yours! This one below with the silvery sparkly Swarovski crystals and gray opaque glass dotted and swirled beads is just $34.00! Made of the finest lampwork and all sterling silver, even the large ring at top is made of sterling!

The Triple Swirl KeyBling below is just $34.00! Prices are appropriate to the amount of sterling and crystals and dependant upon the cost of the lampwork, too! Email me if one of these is calling you! I know I have said this before, but Keychains are the perfect gift! No sizing or re-sizing is involved; AND everytime the person uses their car or unlocks their home they will think of you! (If you aren't local, shipping is just $5.00!) LEMME know if you want one of these, or if you want one custom-made for you in your favorite colors!


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KJ said...

Girlie, these are gorgeous! I'm so happy I'm a proud owner of one awesome keybling already, but I can still drool!