Monday, November 5

Snowman Frames

It's Monday, do I need to say more? Yep, already the day is off to a rough start so I am headed directly to the studio, (AKA basement), to craft and get more items done for the show. THAT should cheer me up!

I made some really cute framed snowman decor yesterday. Pretty darn good, I have to say. I also made a "JOY" wall hanging that turned out great. I will try to get a picture of it and post it later today or tonight. I have trouble figuring out pricing on items like these. The material cost is almost nothing, like $4.00, but it took FOREVER to get it done. Maybe I will put $16.00 on it and see if it sells. I would buy it for more than $15.00, but not $20.00; so I will go with my gut.

Try to have a SUPAH Monday!

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