Thursday, November 15

"Sandy Waters" Matching Necklace

Good Morning, Ya'll!!!!! I made a few goodies late into the evening last night. Here is another beautiful piece of artisan jewelry, made by myself, of course... I named it 'Sandy Waters', because there is a matching bracelet & earring set out there owned by a wonderful gal, Sandy! Plus, the color of the brown in the actual bracelet reminds me of the gorgeous Florida sands. I used to live there, you know?! I had the focal (center) bead left over from the other pieces and thought it a shame to leave it feeling lonely in the stash of extras! So I slid on some Light Sapphire and Colorado Topaz (4mm, 6mm and 8mm!) Swarovski, and a smidgin' of silver, and VIOLA! a wonderful 18" necklace to match! And, a steal at just $35.00! Sandy has first dibs, but if she passes, it's all yours!

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Tiffany said...

This one is beautiful!!!! And congrats on the new blog (will be added to my favorites and visited often!!) You know I LOVE your work!!!! Keep it up!!!