Wednesday, November 28

Final Drop Off & MORE!

I dropped off my items at This Olde House, and the owner, Karen, quickly opened a couple of boxes. I could tell she liked what she saw, so that was really nice! I then decided to finally go to the bank to deposit my money from this past weekend's show... Do you know that the bank said they "couldn't" take my change at the drive-thru? She said it takes too much time. I explained that I had three kids in the car, one of the sleeping. Didn't matter. THEN, I looked around and noticed the other two lanes empty, no one even in line behind me. I drew her attention to those facts, and she said, "I'm sorry, it is our policy." I then enlightened her that this same bank took my change two weeks ago through the drive-thru with not ever alerting me of this policy. Again, she didn't budge. So, being "not happy" I left, went to the post office and went to the bank's north-side branch intending to only deposit the checks and paper-cash. Do you know that when I got there, good ol' Enrique says, "Oh, we can take your change, that is not a problem!" I told him about the other branch saying it was against their policy and he said, "Oh, we do it all the time!"

SO, WHO do you think is wanting to kiss Enrique through the glass now? Heh Heh!! I was never so thankful to a banker ever. What type of bank can seriously expect a woman with three kids, one of them sleeping, to unload them all just to deposit $19.00 in change? It's not like I had $65.00 in change! And there weren't any pennies!!!!!!!! AGH! I don't think I will be patronizing the south-side branch anymore, and someone may just get a call to his boss to tell them how he was so customer-oriented and helpful today!

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