Thursday, November 8

Not much time left!

I am going to do a quick post here... I have a list of things to do yet to be ready for Sunday's show. I am wondering if the bracelets listed below are priced correctly. I think the two should be more like $75.00, but maybe not. Hmmmm.... And the cherry charm is a steal at $75.00! It takes forever to make all of those individual dangles! BUT, until I am found by the public and have a customer base, I really want to get my jewelry into people's hands. The quality and workmanship speak for themselves when you get a chance to see them in person!

I have made another whole batch of bracelets and earrings with some new lampwork beads. I love them, although not everyone will appeal to the more modern and contemporary feel of the beads. TONS of dots, spot, bubbles, swirls and scrolls. More so than what you see below. AND the beads are actually larger! SO, if, (and that is a big IF) I get a chance to take a photo or two today, I will post another one, along with a price.

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