Friday, October 31

Periwinkle Blue & Silver

Are you a blue-lover? I noticed throughout these posts this week, that I tend to make a lot in blues and pinks. Hmm.... I need to work on that! I think that I am limited in the other colors just for the mere fact that if I don't tend to like the color, then I don't know how to design with it.

Do you know what I mean? Do you tend to do the same thing?

I think we all tend to sway towards using colors we are comfortable with, right? I mean, I never ever use my SUP! Bold Brights color line with the Red, Orange, Green, Blue basic colors. In fact, I think I still have my original packs of bold brights from 3 years ago and am no where near needing to replace them!

Oh, well! I will pay more attention to trying different color combos! Until then, please enjoy this beautiful periwinkle blue and gray lampwork keybling! Bold sterling silver balls and bead caps give this keybling some special detailing! Visit me at the show this weekend to make it yours (or email me if you aren't local and can't come to the show). I hope to see old and new customers alike!

Have a great Halloweeny day! ETA: SOLD!! THANKS!

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