Friday, October 10

Recipe for Niki - HEE HEE

OK... SO, I got to reading the recipe for 'Nicole' and thought... Hmm.... Does that REALLY SOUND LIKE ME???? Sorta, not really, uh.... let's try ' Niki ', which is the name I went by until 1994 when I got divorced and entered the corporate world.

'Niki' just did NOT sound professional, so I went to my given name and have kept it ever since. I DO LOVE the name Nicole. I do feel like a REAL NICOLE now, although my sister and parents are the only ones that call me Niki still to this day. Anyhoo, NIKI's recipe is OMG totally 'ME'!

Have a great weekend! { I may sneak in a post or two if I create something I feel I just have to share since I am alone and don't have KayLee here to 'Oooo and Ahhh' for me! }

The Recipe For niki

3 parts Ingenuity

2 parts Savvy

1 part Moxie

Splash of Nonconformity

Limit yourself to one serving. This cocktail is strong!

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KJ said...

Too cute!! That's totally YOU!