Friday, October 24

Family Fall Break Friday - 1st Annual!!!!!!!

Today's first annual 'Family Fall Break Friday' was deemed a success! We had entirely too much fun this afternoon carving our pumpkins! Of course, the kids didn't do the actual carving, because that would involve KNIVES! ACK! But, they did get to pick out their design and begin the actual carving by punching the little dots along the stencil's line. Then all you have to do is a dot-to-dot cutting along the dots to get your image.

KayLee picked out this one... which took me nearly two hours to slice and dice. But, boy was it worth it! Isn't this just too cool? I love how the bat looks like it is flying out of the word 'or' and how the 'I' in 'trick' is dotted with a moon. AW!

Back with a few more pictures soon!


Anonymous said...

Cool= you are GOOD!!!! AMY

hey- Carter is watching I CARLY and they are doing carving too!! haha

Tiffany Bauer said...

These pumpkins are awesome!!! You did a great job Nicole!!! You are sooooo much better then I am-no pumpkin carving going on here!!!

KJ said...

Those pumpkins ROCK!!!