Wednesday, October 15

Blueberry TWO and Josh's College NEWS

Another day, another Blueberry inspired card! I used my scraps from making the birth announcements I posted earlier last week or so to make these cards from yesterday, today and the one tomorrow. I got about another 4 or so, but they aren't totally finished with sentiments yet, so if I ever get to those I will post them for you.

The days are just flying by for me right now.

I had to place my order for Josh's senior pictures today. And, I guess it really hit me when he came home from school today and told me that ISU had been at the high school today for a college fair of sorts and they told him basically he was accepted. He had applied online a couple of weeks ago and didn't plan to hear anything yet since his SAT scores won't be in until next week. WELL, ISU said that as long as he scores a 800 or higher he will get in. He is good to go, I am sure. You get like 500 points just for filling out your name correctly! HA HA! He was happy but not excited and I asked why. WELL, he said that it wasn't 'for sure' yet, so he's keeping his cool.

WOW. VERY mature and adult of him. WHAHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh, Yeah, he's growin' up.

See ya'll tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

ISU??? my niece goes there!!
Awe- cant believe its that time!! Amy

KJ said...

What great news for Josh!!

Love that card, btw! I think that pattern paper is my favorite!