Friday, October 10


Is this not the most fun thing ever? HA HA! I LOVE MINE! Oh, and all it involves is putting in your first name! Ha Ha!

I am going to be MIA this weekend from the blog. I am on a jewelry-making-extravaganza for the next 48 hours! Dear hubby took the kids out of town to his parents', Josh is at his dad's and has some school functions to attend tonight and tomorrow for Business Professionals of America and I have FOUR, yes, FOUR art shows coming up! YIKERS!

The first one is next weekend, so I need to get a TON done! And, of course the only way to do that is to AVOID THE PHONE and COMPUTER!!!!!!! So, either leave a message and I will call you back, or email me and I will either get back to you late at night or early the next morning. I am going to check email before I go to bed and that is it! (Well, if I can control myself, that is! HA HA!)

Have a SUPER WEEKEND and let me know the results of YOUR RECIPE!! My kids' were right on, except for Josh. So, I used Joshua and then it did sound like him, although I question the whipped cream part! ;o)

The Recipe For Nicole

3 parts Poise

2 parts Attractiveness

1 part Pizzazz

Splash of Success

Finish off with an olive

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