Wednesday, October 1

Psi Iota Xi - Country Auction - October 14th

Here's an invitation for the locals!! My long-time family friend, Sandy Baker is a past sorority member of Psi Lota Xi and current Vice President of this local chapter. They are hosting a fundraiser on October 14th at the Jasper Knights of Columbus. Monies raised at this fundraiser goes towards wonderful local philanthropic projects.

This is an actual AUCTION, not a silent auction, just in case you prefer one over the other. The bidding starts at 6:30pm, and I will be there with bells on! So, if you can join me, please do so! IF you would like to go, please email me so I can reserve you a seat and have you be recognized as a guest. I will let Sandy know you are coming so they can make arrangements to be sure there will be enough seating for you and everyone else! There are no commercial-type items at this auction, so there will be a ton of unique, artistic originals to bid on!

Hope you come join me and Sandy!

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