Saturday, October 18

Robbi's Watercolored Card

My supah sweet friend, Robbi (from Canada), sent me this detailed picture of a card she did! Isn't this just stunning? She used gold embossing powder and Tombow markers for watercoloring in the details. I like the fact that she softened the vine of flowers with a yellow shadow, giving it some depth. Here is a link to her Iris Card she made, too.

Robbi has been toying with the idea of starting her own blog, don't you think it is time?

Thanks for sharing your talent, Robbi!


JenMarie said...

WOW ~ totally STUNNING!

Jennifer said...

That is absolutely stunning!!! I agree, she should definately start a blog....I'd love to see more of her creations.

Kathleen said...

It's definitely time ~ that's a gorgeous card and you are the sweetest friend showcasing it for her.

Deborah said...

Robyn is very, very talented and I met her a few years ago in Toronto at the Creativ Festival. She definitely needs a blog! I just started mine after years of wanting one and it is easier than you think!
Go for it, girl! You need a place to display your cards! Let your light shine!
Deborah in Nova Scotia, Canada

SweetMissDaisy (Anna Wight) said...

My goodness, this is LOVELY! Beautifully painted -- a true gift, for sure! That Robbi, she's a keeper! =)

AmyR said...

I just finished e-mailing her and telling her she needs to start a blog already LOL! She makes gorgeous cards - and love the coloring on this one!