Thursday, October 23

Parent ~ Teacher Conferences!

I hope that Eli and KayLee's teachers aren't diabetic. Not for the obvious health reasons, but because they are getting some Lindt chocolates from me in just a little bit! Today is their parent-teacher conferences and I thought that I would show my gratitude by giving them a little something. Chocolate truffles say it all, right? ;o)

I used some past SUP! paper, cardstock in Kraft and Apricot Appeal and some honkin' prima flowers with a biggie copper brad for a splash of shine to decorate the outside slip cover! I hope they like their little 'thank you' gift. I do have some Halloween pails to give them next Friday with some candy (and some stickers for them to give to the kids on their papers and stuff like that). But since I have to go in and give Eli's class their Halloween party cupcakes, I will give the pails to them (and the teacher's aids, too!) next Friday.

I didn't realize it had been Monday when I last posted! This week has flown! I have been busy with Isaac at home yesterday and today all day, since the school's have been letting the kids out at 12:30pm so they can hold their conferences. Tomorrow is a full day off for the kids (Fall Break) and I plan to have the kids each carve their own pumpkin and we will make some Halloween cookies and rake the leaves in a pile to jump in. Our family doesn't have many traditions, like nearly none. So, I called Scott at work this morning to see if he can manage to stay home tomorrow to join in on the first annual 'FALL BREAK FRIDAY' TRADITION with the above activities. He said it sounded like fun and that he would try to work it out so he could stay home!



Tiffany Bauer said...

I am sure their teacher's loved these!!! I know I would!!!

Angie said...

I wish I was your child's teacher... I didn't get chocolate in any of my 24 conferences!

Anonymous said...

MRS DILGER LOVED IT!!! I went to her room after my conference and it was the first thing she showed me!! That was nice!