Monday, February 25

No Pic, Sorry!

With Eli sick today, KayLee having kindergarten round-up, teaching the art class AND NOW just finishing up some German bar-cookies with Josh for his German class at the high school, I didn't have a chance to make the give-away go "public" with a picture! SORRY!

Eli has strep... and did you know that the rash/hives he had this morning is called a "strep-rash"? I didn't even know there was such a thing! Throw some amoxicillin at him and he should be fine, thank goodness!

KayLee had so much fun going to the elementary school today to sign up and get tested for kindergarten next year. She tested well and will hopefully go to afternoon kindergarten, unless they end up going all-day by the beginning of the school year in the fall.

I have got to run and finish up the homemade icing for the cookies. I sent Josh to bed finally and told him that I would finish them up. He had his youth group meeting, as usual on Monday nights, so he couldn't do these earlier without me anyway. We had fun discussing baking things, like, "WHY do they call shortening, SHORTENING?" I told him he needed to google that one!

See ya'll tomorrow!

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