Wednesday, February 27


I just thought of a way to get more traffic on my site (thus MORE ANDERSON ARTS ADDICTS), not to mention more votes to raise my ranking... IF you would like to help me AND you have a blog or website, post an entry or mini-ad space for me on your site and email me at to let me know. Your email must include your blog or website address so that I can find your "post" or "ad" about sending interest my way.

HOWEVER, if you don't have a blog or website, just send out an email to your friends and family, and tell them to check out my BLOG, jewelry and paper~crafts at . Be sure to send your email TO ME, as well, so I can see that you did it. NOT that I think any of you all are dishonest, it is just a way to keep track of who should get more entries. If you do this, you will get 10 entries into this week's freebie drawing!!

In my experience word of mouth is the best way to advertise! And the cheapest. SO, when you are getting started with any business anything FREE is GOOD! I thought this would be a great and EASY way to help spread the word about Anderson Arts!

Thanks So Much!

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