Thursday, February 21

Plans Ruined!

I had it all planned out... I helped out one of my friends this morning and watched her babysitting kids while she went to the doctor, which was a good reason to relax and do nothing! But, since I was blowing off the morning by doing nothing work-related, I planned on working my little fingers to the bones after lunch and taking KayLee to preschool. Well, I just found out that school is having an early-release due to the expected BAD weather coming our direction according to the radars. {Eli is going to be sooo upset that wrestling is cancelled!} SO, instead of working while everyone's gone (except Isaac napping) I will have a full house.

It seems like everytime I turn around my plans to tackle the beads gets ruined! UGHHHHHH! I feel the 'need to bead'! And when I act on these 'creative~juices' I always end up being able to get so much more done in a shorter length of time than when I am feeling normal! So, I am feeling a little stiffled at this point. Oh well, maybe this is God's way of telling me to slow down and smell the roses, if you know what I mean. Josh is only going to be home for 18 more months before heading off to college; and KayLee starts elementary school officially next year with kindergarten; and Isaac (the baby, turning 3 in April) is going to be in school before long, as well.

So, upon posting this blog entry I am going to take advantage of their 1/2 day off and rev up the oven, bake some cupcakes with the kids' help of mixing, stirring, pouring and icing. Doesn't that sound better than ignoring them by plopping them in front of a Disney movie? Well, then again, THEY may like the Disney movies enough to watch them again, but I know they will enjoy creating a special dessert for Daddy to have tonight after supper, too!

Enjoy the day!

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