Sunday, February 10

Barely Alive!

Ok, so I am exaggerating... I am still not 100% yet. My "hunchback of Notre Dame" voice is finally going away, but slowly. So, I am mostly communicating via email right now. As much as I want to call my girlfriend who's hubby so thoughtfully took her away for the weekend as a surprise, I won't call for the details. Even though it is killing me to know, I will wait a day longer to converse.

Plus, I don't think it would be a good idea to scare all of the children at this week's three art classes! I have been prepping in between taking naps, resting with a DVD and soaking my feet. I love pampering myself, I should do it more often! I will be posting the projects for the classes AFTER the classes take place. I have some friends who enrolled their kids into my classes and I want the the kids to show the projects to their moms and dads first! Seeing them on this blog would just pop their bubbles!

Have a good evening... Gonna go rest up some MORE!

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