Tuesday, February 12

Bummed BigTime

All three of my art classes have been cancelled. Understandably so. I removed a 1/2" layer of ice off of my van's windshield and hood today. It was very slick and shakey on my sidewalk and driveway as well. The kids had school cancelled today AND tomorrow already! So, no art class tomorrow either! I had a "wonderful" time calling all the kids' families to let them know that the classes would begin NEXT week. Everyone was in one way or another upset by the fact that the weather decended upon us in such a nasty manner that their class had to be called off. I was more upset that the kids were let down more than anything. Almost every single parent I spoke with said that their child was disappointed and had really been looking forward to the class... so we shall try again, beginning NEXT Monday at 6pm sharp!

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