Saturday, February 23

Still on Page [3] & Necklaces

...but now I am at the top! At 42!!! THANKS for your votes! I am even ranked higher than a lampwork artist that I buy beads from now and then! So, that is way cool!

I made two of the most beautiful necklaces last night for Kathie and Sandy. They are coming your way at wholesale cost, since you had to wait too long for them. Mostly not my fault since it took 2 months to get get the lampwork beads here, but partially I feel responsible since it is ridiculous to have you wait so long! So, cheap-o prices for EXCELLENT items, my gift to you for being so patient. I will post pictures of these two beauties some time today!

See, good things DO FINALLY come to those who wait!! (AND with inexpensive price tags, as well!) I am off to get beading for new items for the Armory and another craft/art show coming up.

Make it a wonderful day!

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