Monday, February 25

Sick-O's in the house!

Eli is at home sick until 3pm when the doctor can see him! Everyone seems to be sick right now! He had a severely sore throat, cough and fever yesterday; well, now he has hives! Raised bumps all over his torso; and he has a rash of sorts on his chest! Just plain weird! So, I am drugging him with pain/fever medicines and some tussin for his cough and congestion. He needs to get better for wrestling practice tomorrow! I will find out if he is contagious when we see the doctor. If I hadn't waited till 9:15am((only!!!)) to call, I would have gotten in sooner!

So, I am enjoying the morning with the kids; First we played a dice/chip game called "Swipe" which was way too much fun! Then, KayLee wanted to finish up her "K" art project from last week, so we did that. We also practiced our tumbling in the living room and Eli is now a pocket-Yahtzee handheld Genius! He got three yahtzee's in one game bringing his highscore to 423! GEEZ O PETE! I sat with him and showed him how to play the game with just two games and he hasn't put it down! He is only 5 years old, you know!

I am so glad that I got tonight's Art Class project totally finished and ready YESTERDAY! For once I planned ahead and it paid off. I don't know why but I always procrastinate. I have always felt that I do my best work under pressure! Have a SUPAH DAY!!!!!

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