Sunday, May 10

KeyBlings FOR SALE!!

I have seriously had three requests in the last three days to show off my KeyBlings! SO, here they are! I will be posting paypal buttons for EACH ONE separately, so wait for those posts to show up before requesting one. First one who purchases it, WINS! Or so to speak. As soon as I receive a payment, I will mark it sold and remove the button.

I will take a personal check or e-check through paypal. However, I will do just like everyone else and wait to send the KeyBling until AFTER the check clears! If you want to send a personal check, just email me for my home address and I will give it to you! If you would like a custom KeyBling with a specific color combo, I am more than willing to do that; BUT I cannot promise anything before Memorial Day. I have less than two weeks to wrap up my son's High School Graduation Party and seriously just need to get caught up on outstanding orders before that!

But, if you are patient, good things WILL come to those who wait!!!


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