Sunday, May 17


My galpal, Kelly, awarded me with the LEMONADE STAND AWARD!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I get to forward it on to those blogger-friends that I think also show a great attitude and show awesome gratitude on their blogs!

Thanks, KELLY!
I hope your back surgery today was an awesome success!

As for my TOP FIVE:

Kathleen Paneitz - I only know Kathleen from this cyber-paper-world, but seriously, she is the kindest, most gracious and giving person I have NEVER met! She's talented as a paper-crafter, photgrapher and gardener, too! Check out her blog!! xoxo to you Kathleen!

Denise Marzec - I love Denise. She inspires me each and every day with her up-lifting attitude and glorious artsy crafts! She seriously does have an awesome attitude and is always there with a kind word when I need one!

Cammie - Oh, Cammie! She's another wonderful gal who puts her family and charities before herself at times. Here paper-talent amazes me and she always seems to have that positive attitude that I need to hear to get me back on the up-swing of things! Hope that tooth is healing, GIRL!

Amy - my long-time girlfriend. Although her blog doesn't highlight her papercrafting as much as her family, she really IS one talented gal! She's too humble, trust me! I always find it wonderful to read her blog as well as speak with her about the regular going-ons in her life and how she trusts the Lord so much in her life. I aspire to be able to give my problems to the Lord so easily as she does. I am just such a control freak! Love you, Amy!

Marianne - Ms. Marker Herself! Marianne Walker is one talented gal! I hope to be able to give her a hug in person someday!! Marianne works for Copic Markers and is seriously the QUEEN of COPIC!! Her blog just inspires me to whip out those markers every single day!! She's also a stamp-image creator/illustrator for My Craft Lounge stamp company!! AND she is just as sweet as she is UBER talented!



Amy S said...

Awe- thanks Nicole!! that was to nice!!!! love ya too! :)

Amy S said...

P.S. my 1st award! haha

Denise (peanutbee) said...

Awwwwww, Nicole!! {{hugs}} You are so sweet! Thanks for the award and the really nice words. Awwww! YOU'RE the one with the great attitude.....and INCREDIBLE talent with the jewelry. Were your ears ringing on Saturday?? gf was over for some stamping time and we were ooohing and aaahing over your keybling! :)

A Touch of SOL said...


Carolyn King said...

awww...thanks so much Nicole! What sweet words--totally touching..
You are the best. Thank YOU for inspiring me!!!! (and yes, that tooth is better! Yahhooo!)

HUGS and much thanks!

Kathleen said...

omg Nicole. I haven't been over here for a while either and look what I found! You're SO sweet. Thanks for the award and all the generous words about me. You are absolutely the SWEETEST person I've never met too! My goodness what a lot you've had going on. Congrats on your sons graduation. That's such a big deal. I've been hitting a few graduation parties myself and they are so fun. Brings back memories to see all these kids so excited about their future. I wish your son the best and happy belated b-day to your hubby. I'll try to do better with my blog hopping ~ it's been hard to get me out of the garden lately!