Wednesday, May 27

Purdue Boilermaker's KEYBLING!

Eli just HAD to give his teacher, Mrs. Weidenbenner, something Purdue-related, since her kids go to college there and she is a HUGE Boilermaker SUPPORTER!! So, I decided to make her an ever-popular KeyBling, of course! Black and Gold are also Jasper colors, too; so since she has been a teacher in the Jasper school-system for like EVAH, I am sure this will make her doubly happy!

Mrs. Weidenbenner just returned from a medical-leave in time to see the kids finish their 1st grade year, and BOY am I glad! Eli really has taken a liking to her and I can tell that he missed her while she was gone. She was diagnosed with breast-cancer earlier this year and had to take time off for radiation (I THINK). So, needless to say, Eli and I both were excited to see her return looking GREAT!

Details on the KeyBling... ALL Swarovski crystals in Jet Black and Topaz (orange) and Silver Shade; and Swarovski Pearls in Gold and Black, too! Sterling silver sparkles in-between the crystals and handmade glass lampwork beads! Another one-of-a-kind Anderson Arts original! (Scroll down this page to see some KeyBlings that are up for grabs NOW, along with paypal buttons!)

Thanks so much, Mrs. Weidenbenner, for a fabulous 1st grade year and I REALLY HOPE that KayLee gets YOU next year, too!!

OH, and IF you are thinking that I should have given her something PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness, I already did that when she was diagnosed. So, I think the Purdue Colors will be very appreciated, too!
See y'all tomorrow!!


Peggy said...

That is really nice. If my DH was here he would be saying "Oh no, not a new hobby".

Kate Cecil said...

Your keyblings are so pretty, I love them! Wish I had patience for beadwork - my husband is glad I don't!!

Chas said...

N-OMG! I love that keybling!! Go Boilers!

Debbie Weidenbenner said...

Nicole you are a true inspiration. I cried when reading this post. I will always treasure by keyring jewelry and bracelet. Most of all I will treasure my time I had with Eli. Thanks for all of your support and kind words.

Debbie Weidenbenner said...

Oh goodness I seem to have had a typo! And to think I taught your child. I should have typed my instead of by. CRAZY! I guess the tears messed me up. LOL!