Tuesday, January 15

Under the Weather....

NOT ME, my little one, Isaac. He isn't necessarily sick, just tired! So you could say he's not 'sick and tired' ! HA HA HA!! I think he woke up too soon this morning. Usually he wakes up when I wake up Eli to get ready for school. But this morning he slept through that and for a bit longer until KayLee came out of her room and slammed the door shut! Poor little guy, got up too soon. And I (not Isaac) am the one who suffered all day. He screamed, whined, cried, yelled and fought me and KayLee all day! I am pooped. I had intended on crafting this evening, but I am just too drained. SO, I am going to watch American Idol (can't miss that!!) and go to bed!

Hope all is well with you!!

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