Wednesday, January 2

Thanks, KELLY!

My girlfriend, Kelly (her blog is on my list at left at 'Scrap Happy'), helped me today. I had tried previously to make a slideshow with another website, but it was major user-unfriendly. I mean, I am lucky to be able to keep a blog up and running, let alone make a slide show! But, Kelly added this feature on her blog... which by the way you need to check out her scrap talent... and shared with me this website. SO, now I will be able to update you with the latest lampwork jewelry at the top of my blog everyday! YEAHHHHHH!

I am off to finish the Hobby Room, which I think I will call H.R. Kind of reminds me of Home Room at high school; which is appropriate because eventually I will be able to begin my days EVERY day in there! WOO HOO!

Hope your day went well and check back for the HR final postings.

THANK YOU again, Kelly! I love ya!


KJ said...

Awwww, it was nothin'. You could've totally done it without me. It looks awesome, though!

Tiffany said...

Love the slideshow!!!