Friday, January 25

Miss C's Butter Cream Beads!

My newest Lampwork~Lover, Miss C bought this copper and cream bracelet earlier this week. I originally bought these lampwork beads because they remind me of my wedding cake. I had white on white buttercream wedding cakes that honestly looked just like these beads! My cake had some flowers, some leaves, some dots and some swirls! NOW, you ask "Then WHY would you part with them??" Well, I tell you. I don't wear cream much and I tend to wear white gold or sterling most of the time. SO, it didn't actually get picked to stay. NOW, IF noone had snatched it up after the next Art Show, then I had planned on taking it apart and stringing it into a keychain and a pair of earrings for myself.

BUT, I am glad that Miss C has given it a new home. She has plans to wear this to a wedding next weekend with a new cream sweater she just bought from Cold Water Creek, so she is excited to put this ensemble together and put that bride to shame! HA HA! Well, she may not look as great as the bride (no one ever does!) but I imagine she will be the second best~dressed, if I know her! Maybe I can talk her into giving me a picture of herself from the wedding to post to show you! I'll ask her!

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