Tuesday, January 1


I know, I know... I have a disease. Called POD. Prima Obsession Disorder... I thought I didn't have enough room, and actually don't since the Christmas bubbles ornaments are in a little metal basket along with some other Prima tin cans. BUT, at least they are out where I can see them. If I don't see it out, I don't tend to use it. AND that goes for any craft item. When my embosser is out, I use it. When my Stickle glitters are out, I use them. NOW these are finally out of their boxes! My hubby made these shelves I designed a few months ago for my craft room in the basement, but they ended up being too large to hang on the walls in the end. SO, they had been on the back porch till last night! Click on the pic to enlarge!

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Tiffany said...

Love ALL those primas!!!!!!!!!!AND the shelves are AWESOME!!!!!! I want some Scott!!!!!

Your new room is looking great and I can't wait to see it in person when you are all done.