Wednesday, January 2

ALMOST forgot...

my poor little Eli at the end of school today. I was soooooo busy moving the crafty things around the house that I seriously didn't know it had gotten so late. When I looked at the stove it said 3 o'clock on the dot. GAK! We usually leave by 2:55pm and I haven't even got the kids ready!! I screamed and then got in the van faster than ever in my life! I even got Isaac and KayLee's coats and boots on AFTER changing Isaac's poopy diaper, which of course I didn't realize he had until AFTER I saw the clock! We were in the car by 3:05pm, that is a record! Eli's car line doesn't even start moving till 3:01pm and I am only 3 minutes from school, so he was fine. I was just at the very very end of the line. Well, there's a first for everything!

I am nearly done with the hobby room. Of course the torn-up basement will need some major reorganizing... I can only take so much upstairs... the rest is left behind in storage for future needs. I am really sizing down my stash and am proud of that. I am by no means a pack rat, but it is so hard to let go of arts and crafts things for me. I love it all!

I will post the pics tonight, it should be 90% of the way done before I go to bed. All that will probably be left is going through the books and magazines that I really NEED to keep. I hope I can figure out some to part with!

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